95 Express Lanes95 Express Lanes

Tolling starts in 9 Days

95 Express Lanes Overview 

If you travel on I-95 today, you're familiar with bumper-to-bumper traffic and long, unpredictable travel.

The 95 Express Lanes will change that

by providing new choices, adding capacity and extending and improving the performance of the existing HOV system.

The 95 Express Lanes will extend from the Edsall Road area in Fairfax County to Garrisonville Road in Stafford County and transition the existing HOV lanes to Express Lanes.

Carpools with three or more people, vanpools and buses can use the lanes for free.

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The 95 Express Lanes will keep traffic moving by using dynamic tolling that will adjust tolls based on real-time traffic conditions, video technology to identify accidents, a series of electronic signs to communicate with drivers and state troopers to ensure enforcement. This will help you maintain travel speeds, make travel times more predictable and significantly reduce violators.

The nearly $1 billion project is financed, constructed and operated under Virginia's Public-Private Transportation Act.

The project will: