95 Express Lanes95 Express Lanes

Tolling starts in 7 Days

Using 95 Express Lanes 

  • A New Kind
    of Travel on I-95
    Using the 95 Express Lanes will be easy and provide you with a predictable trip on I-95. Whether you travel by car, carpool or bus, the Express Lanes will give you the freedom to control how and when you arrive at your destination.
  • Paying the Toll
    Won't Slow You Down
    If you plan to travel with fewer than three people in your car, you will pay your toll with an E-ZPass®. The Express Lanes will have all-electronic tolling to securely charge your E-ZPass account and keep you moving – no toll booths to slow you down, no options to pay cash.
  • Carpooling on
    the Express Lanes
    Carpools can use the lanes without paying a toll. If you plan to carpool on the Express Lanes, you will need three people in the car and an E-ZPass® FlexSM set to HOV mode. The E-ZPass Flex is your way to tell the Express Lanes operator that you are carpooling and ensure you are not charged a toll.
    Learn more about carpooling on the Express Lanes ».
  • Entering the Lanes
    You will see pricing and regulatory signage in advance of all Express Lanes entrances. These signs will guide you to the lanes, explain the rules of the road and provide you with information on current toll pricing. Once you see the price and determine you want to take the Express Lanes, you will enter the lanes on a ramp that will bring you directly onto the Express Lanes. It's that easy.
  • Exiting the Lanes
    Once you are on the Express Lanes, you will use dedicated Express Lanes ramps to exit directly onto major roadways or back to the regular lanes on I-95. Learn more about the transition area where the Express Lanes will end and the HOV lanes will begin.

To learn more about the Express Lanes, view this overview video »

Driving Reversible Lanes

Like today's I-95 HOV lanes, the 95 Express Lanes will be reversible. The reversal of the lanes in the morning and evening will be largely the same process as today.

Gate transition time on the HOV and Express Lanes facilities is expected to temporarily increase due to the nine-mile southern extension and new gates. Drivers should expect delays in the afternoon weekday transition to reverse the flow of the traffic southbound. Ultimately, the gate transition period will return to standard times.

Please note the schedule is approximate and will vary based on real-time traffic conditions. Some entry points will close or open before others. Here's what you need to know:

  • No matter when you travel, remember to pay close attention to on-road signage and gates. If an access point is open to traffic, you're able to enter the Express Lanes
  • Never attempt to enter or exit the Express Lanes via an access point that is closed or is in the process of closing

Learn more about how Express Lanes work »

Check out the new Express Lanes signage so you'll know what to look for on the road.